Lipsense & Cailyn vs. Fried Chicken

Lipsense vs Cailyn compares two liquid lipsticks and puts them both up against their fried chicken nemesis! Watch to find out who reigns almighty as the natural enemies go head to head in an epic battle.

Thanks Jill Villalobos!


Yes, I did end up signing up as a distributor to get the discount. I know, shameless right? Haha I’ve also decided to do a GIVEAWAY!!

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It’s New Year and what do we all do at midnight? We kiss someone! Want to make sure your lip color won’t rub off on your target? Today we are testing out a liquid lipstick from Lipsense, which claims to be long lasting and smudge proof, against my go-to lip color, from the brand Cailyn. Ready to pucker up with minimal touch up? Let’s get started!

Hi Beauty Pros! Lately all over my feed, people have been talking about this lipstick and how great it is, so naturally, I wanted proof to see for myself if it really is as good as they claim to be. So I ordered and paid for this through my friend, Jill Villalobos in Orange County. Hi Jill! I do want to point out that Lipsense is an MLM company, and that I am not a sales representative. I’m not a huge fan of MLMs, though I’m also not against products that do what they claim to do, so we’ll see how this goes. This is my first time trying it out and I’ll be comparing it side-by-side to my current favourite matte liquid lipstick, which I bought at the International Beauty Show in New York earlier this year. Ok, so two lipsticks, one set of lips. Let’s use some TV Magic to help us out.

Ok so the original me is going to test the Lipsense, and the clone will test the Cailyn. There are special instructions for Lipsense, so I’ll follow those and you can just apply the liquid lipstick like you would normally. It says to clean lips with alcohol first, so let’s both do that. Ok, now I have to shake well, and apply a thin layer gliding in one direction. Don’t move the applicator back and forth, and don’t rub lips together, let dry each layer for approx. 5 sec.

So, anyone who has ever tried to preserve their lip color knows that oily foods are like kryptonite for even the longest lasting lipsticks. We have probably all done that dance where we carefully eat without touching food to our lips right? So we thought pizza would be the best example, but since right now we are not supposed to be eating dairy or wheat, the next best thing we are going to go with is fried chicken instead! So…Let’s see how that goes. Ready?

Oh gosh that’s a big piece! So there’s no lipstick on the chicken but let’s just… this is so messy. Ok, I have a piece of skin and I’m rubbing it on my lips. And there is NO lipstick on the skin! It does feel a little drier right now, like I need more gloss, but first, let’s do the wine test! Mmm, Moscato is my favourite! So there is nothing on my wine glass. I am very impressed, I mean, there are grease lip marks, but no lipstick.

There’s nothing on my wine glass, but my lips do feel a little sticky right now, so I’m going to go ahead and apply another coat of clear, just a thin coat. Normally that would take off lipstick.

So it wouldn’t be New Year without a kiss test. We are actually sick right now, I think we have the flu, I don’t know. Whatever it is that gives you a high fever, like I posted a picture of my temperature the other day and it was 103, literally. So the point is we can’t kiss anyone right now. But, we do have a lovely volunteer, our lovely mannequin because we don’t want to spread the germs, so we’ll see how this goes!

So there’s not much transfer, but there’s a little bit of my lips exfoliating, probably from all the rubbing that I’ve just done, but my lipstick is not all over my face, which it normally would be if I just did that. So I am quite happy with these results!

So after all those tasks that we put it through, it did seem to hold up quite well and to be quite honest, I’m quite impressed and surprised. I didn’t think it would hold up against the fried chicken.

So now that we are almost done, let’s get rid of our clone. SNAP because there can only be ONE!

So thank you so much for watching my comparison video where I compared Lipsense to my Cailyn liquid lipstick, and it was a clear winner, because even after I was done and I was trying to wipe off the lipstick, I obviously still have this one on whereas the other one did wipe off. I did get it off with… no you know what, I don’t want to put anymore alcohol on my lips I don’t think that that’s a step that I’ll be doing all the time because it did not feel good!

Thank you so much for watching my video, I hope it was helpful to you and if it was, please feel free to share it or hit the thumbs up button. You can contact me via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, and you can also contact me directly through my website www. There’s so many ways to get hold of me! There’s also if you are a beauty professional and you can prove it by certificate or license, please join my Facebook group community, you can hit the search bar and look up BeautyPro World and it is a closed group for licensed and certified beauty professionals to just chat about the industry, all things beauty, lashes, permanent makeup, skincare, whatever. So if you are looking for any of these Lipsense colors, hit up my girl Jill Villalobos at I’ll put a link in the comments. As a matter of fact, I’ll probably have to hit her up myself for more colors. Actually, never thought I’d ever, ever say this ever in my life, but maybe I’ll sign up as a distributor just for the discount so I can buy more lipstick colors. I’ll let you guys know in an update if I end up doing that or not, but otherwise, thank you Jill for sending me these products so promptly!

Whatever you guys are doing tonight, it IS New Year, I’m staying home because I’m sick. I was hanging out with you guys and that was enough but whatever YOU GUYS are doing tonight please be safe, make good choices, don’t drink and drive, make sure you have a designated driver, and please have a lot of safe fun tonight and have a fabulous 2017 and I wish you guys the best in 2017. Happy New Year and I’ll see you guys soon! Thanks for watching!

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    I must say this is an amazing video I have watched today. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experiment with us. Great idea.

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